Lecture Notes - dDinosaurs Lecture 1: 3/30/2009 Penguins...

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dDinosaurs Lecture 1: 3/30/2009 Penguins are dinosaurs, birds are dinosaurs Dinosaurs are not extinct, many did become at the end of the Crustaceous Dinosaur: a well defined group (they share a unique set of characteristics that uniquely distinguishes them) of reptiles with an upright posture that lives on land or in the trees All dinosaurs are decedent of a common ancestor, a monopiletic group Dinosaurs are reptiles (crocodiles) this includes birds, we have redefined reptiles, birds are reptiles Upright Posture- legs and arms are directly underneath the body, much like mammals The legs are directly beneath them, the bones and tracks show this No known dinosaurs that lived in the ocean, ancient sea monsters are not dinosaurs Burrowing dinosaur! Recently discovered Not defined by size, History of Dinosaur Research Ancient people knew about dinosaurs because of fossils/bones The legend of the Griffin, mythical beast that had the body of the lion and wings, ferocious creatures that guarded the gold mines in central asia, in Asia there were many Protoceratops, which resembled this mythical creature Gilded Bronze Dragon: Tang Dynasty AD 618-906 Cyclops? Giant man with single eye came from people trying to understand mammoths More Evidence. ..ancient pottery, picture of monsters and reconstructions of dinosaurs Dinosaurs and Humans did not Co-Exist, unless with birds, ample evidence “Tonguestones” Fossil sharp teeth, thought to be petrified tongues of snakes Nicolaus Steno, went out and dissected organisms, looked at the “tongues” and figured out that they were fossil teeth Fossils: remains of once living creatures Scrotum Humanum First name given to a fossil gets priority in the name Dinosaur Studies (1800s-present) Stage 1: Victorian Renaissance William Buckland- first description of a dinosaur, “giant extinct lizard” (1824) Gideon and Mary Mantelll- 1825- described and names an Iguanodon, found their teeth Mantell's Iguanodon reconstruction was incorrect, had big spikes as thumbs Richard Owen- 1842- coined the term dinosaur “terrible lizard”, first to set apart Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins- artist that provided early reconstructions of dinosaurs Crystal Palace, sculptures of dinosaurs by Hawkins, very far off not accureate Iguanodon in 1850s giant lizard like creature Stage 2: Golden Age of Discovery 1870-1930 O.C Marsh and E.D Cope (1830-1900), two men hated each other, very competitive Iguanodon in 1920s, much more accurate with the way the skeleton was arranged, still thought of them as slow and lumbering Stage 3 John Ostrom, birds are dinosaurs, many same characteristics First man to fully recognize that birds must be dinosaurs
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Bob Bakker- dinosaurs were fast, agile, smart, and warm blooded Ancestory- all dinosaurs were feathered? The Scientific Method
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Lecture Notes - dDinosaurs Lecture 1: 3/30/2009 Penguins...

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