Midterm Review

Midterm Review - Brunelleschi Dome Santa Maria del Fiore(DUOMO 1419-36 Massaccio Brancacci Chapel Santa Maria del Carmine Tribute Money c 1427

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6B – WINTER 2009 – 6B REVIEW IMAGES: Lecture 1b Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Allegory of Good Government , c 1340, fresco, Town Hall, Siena Duccio, Maestà altarpiece , c 1308-11, tempera, Cathedral, Siena Giotto. Kiss of Judas from , c1305, fresco, Arena (Scrovegni) Chapel, Padua -------------- Lecture 2a Limbourg Brothers, “January,” from Hours of the Duc de Berry (Les Très Riches Heures), 1412-16 Christine de Pizan, “Reason, Justice, and Rectitude build a City,” from City of Women, c 1410 House of Jacques Coeur, 1443-1453 , Bourges, France --------------- Lecture 2b Jan van Eyck, ٭ Ghent Altarpiece , 1432 Robert Campin/ Master of Flémalle, Mérode Altarpiece , c 1425-28 Rogier van der Weyden, Deposition , c1435 -------------- Lecture 3a Donatello, David , 1420s-60s Ghiberti, Story of Isaac , from “Gates of Paradise” doors, 1425-52, Baptistery doors, Santa Maria del Fiore (DUOMO)
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Unformatted text preview: Brunelleschi, Dome, Santa Maria del Fiore (DUOMO), 1419-36 Massaccio, Brancacci Chapel, Santa Maria del Carmine Tribute Money , c 1427 Expulsion from Eden , c 1427-----------------Lecture 3b Sandro Botticelli, Primavera (Spring) , c 1482 Piero della Francesca, Flagellation of Christ , c 1455 Andrea Mantegna, St Sebastian , c 1455 Piero Perugino, Delivery of the Keys to St Peter , 1481----------------Lecture 4a - Leonardo da Vinci “Water” and “Plants” from Notebooks Virgin and Child with St Anne , c 1508 Mona Lisa , 1502-1519 Last Supper , refectory, Santa Maria delle Grazie, 1495-1498----------------Lecture 4b - Raphael Madonna of the Meadow , 1505 Baldasare da Castiglione, c 1515 Stanza della Segnatura, Vatican City, c1510 School of Athens Parnassus Disputà Galatea , 1513 Marcantonio Raimondi after Raphael, Galatea , engraving...
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