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Art History Terms: Renaissance -renewal, rebirth, term is generally used to define the period in European culture between 1400 and 1600 when there was renewed interest in Classical scholarship and art. secularization- generally refers to the process of transformation by which a society migrates from close identification with religious institutions to a more separated relationship naturalization- a style of depection which seeks to imitate the physical appearance of the depicted object in nature. individualization- focusing on the individual fresco- wall painting technique in which pigments are applied to a surface of wet plaster. Painting on dry plaster is a less durable technique since the paint tends to flake off over time. giornata (day)- used to describe the amount of work that has been done on a fresco in a single passage tempera- painting made with pigments mixed with egg yolk and water. In the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, it was applied to panels which had been prepared with a coating of gesso; the application of gold leaf and of underpainting in green or brown preceeded the actual tempera painting. city-state- an autonomous political unit comprising a city and the surrounding countryside. allegory- a story or image which has two levels of meaning, one literal and the other symbolic, oftern with religious or moral implications. An allegorical figure usually female, represents an abstract concept such as Peace or Charity. Duomo- cathedral altarpiece - a painted or carved work of art places behind the altar of a Christian church. It may be a single panel, or a triptych or polyptych with hinged wings painted on both sides. Serves to explain the purpose and meaning of the mass performed in front of it. predella - the platform on which an altarpiece is set, often decorated with narrative sculptures or paintings relating to the main subject of the altarpiece. transubstantiation-
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ArtHist.-TermsA - Art History Terms Renaissance-renewal...

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