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ESSmidterm2STUDYGUIDE - ESS-2 Study Guide Tolerance the...

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ESS-2 Study Guide Tolerance- the increasing ability of the body to metabolize or consume greater and greater amounts of a drug or other foreign substance. Withdrawal- the body's attempt to rebalance itself after prolonged use of a psychoactive drug. The symptoms range from mild to sever to life threatening. The onset and the duration of symptoms are generally predictable. Enabling- actions by anyone. especially by a spouse, relative, or friend, that allow addicts or abusers to continue their addiction behavior. It includes denial, codependence, paying off debts, lying to protect the user, or providing money. Hepatitis (Liver)- alcohol hepatitis causes inflammation of the liver, areas of fibrosis (formation of scar like tissue) necrosis and damaged membranes. Follows a prolonged bout of heavy drinking, it usually takes months or years of heavy drinking to develop this condition, which is manifested by jaundice, liver enlargement, tenderness, and pain. Continued drinking will lead to cirrhosis.
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