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Psych. 7: Study Guide Chapters 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 Ch. 10: Complex Experimental Designs Increasing the number of Levels of an Independent Variable Simplest experimental design there are only two levels Several Reasons for Multiple Levels: design with only two levels cannot provide very much information about the exact form of the relationship between the independent and dependent variables (can reveal a curvilinear or monotonic relationship) Factorial Designs Researchers recognize that in any given situation a number of variables are operating to affect behavior Factorial Designs: designs with more than one independent variable (or factor) all levels of each independent variable are combined with all levels of the other independent variables Example: Smith and Ellsworth had two independent variables: 1) type of question (2 levels: misleading or unbiased) and 2) Questioner's knowledge (2 levels: seen the video once or seen video multliple times) Interpretation of Factorial Designs Two Kinds of Information given by Factorial Designs: 1) Main Effect: information about the effect of each independent variable taken by itself 2) Interaction: effect of one independent variable depends on the particular level of the other variable, the effect that an independent variable has on the dependent variable depends on the level of the other independent variable Main Effect the main effect of independent variable A is the overall effect of the variable on the dependent measure Interaction the main effects of the independent variable must be qualified Factorial designs with Manipulated and Non manipulated Variables Factorial Designs Include: Manipulated and Non Manipulated variables, called IV x PV designs- allow researchers to investigate how different types of individuals respond to the same manipulated variable Participant variables: personal attributions such as gender, age, ethnic group, personality characteristics The Simplest IV x PV design includes one manipulated indep. variable that has at least two levels and one PV with at least two levels Interactions and Moderator Variables
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BookNotes - Psych. 7: Study Guide Chapters 10, 11, 12, 13,...

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