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Eleventh Lecture

Eleventh Lecture - Philosophy 4 Eleventh Lecture An...

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January 30, 2009 Philosophy 4: Eleventh Lecture An Argument that Abortion is Wrong (Continued) More about the goods: - Marquis th en a sks, “what m akes th e goods of my future good for m e?” o Why do es h e raise this qu estion? o Consider th e following ex a mple: a hippy in th e 60s is drafted into th e Army Completed projects of which we are proud The pursuit of our go als Aesthetic e njoym ents Friendships Intellectual pursuits Physical pleasures of various sorts - Here’s th e point: losing th e goods on Marquis’ list do esn’t e nt ail th at this loss is a loss for th e p erson whos e life it is; it do esn’t e nt ail, in oth er words, th at th e loss will (or would) b e exp erienced a s a b ad thing by th e victim - We n e e d to conn ect th e ide a that th e loss of a future of value is a loss for th e p erson who’s life it is Answers: - One way to g et from th e loss of goods on th e list to a loss for a p erson whose life it is is to claim th at a p erson m ust currently d esire that thos e goods b e p art of his/her future life o The desire account: what makes the good of my future good for me is that I currently desire that these goods be part of my future But Marquis rejects the desire account: - It doesn’t account for ch ang es in what on e will value at different stag es in on e’s life - It also would m ake it okay to kill a p erson who is te m porarily suicidal
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