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Fourteenth Lecture - like hu m a nitarian aid etc(Bosnia So...

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February 9, 2009 Philosophy 4: Fourteenth Lecture War, Terrorism, and Torture (Continued) Just War Theory : the accepted approach to handling morality and war - Three Elem e nts: o Jus a d Bellum: thos e conditions und er which on e n ation or p eople is m orally justified in going to war a g ainst a noth er o Jus in Bello: th e kind of conduct th at is m orally accept able in th e waging of war o Jus post Bellum: th e conditions und er which wars are e nd ed Jus ad Bellum: 5 conditions all of which must be met in order for a nation or people to be justified in entering into war: - Legitimat e Authority: War m ust b e d eclared by a legitim at e a uthority o Typically und erstood a s th e officials of a recognized govern m e nt - Just Caus e: There m ust b e a just caus e for going to war o For exa m ple: Self-d efens e (gen erally considered a legitim at e caus e) Som ething to keep in mind: If we acc ept th at so m ething like s elf- d efens e is th e only just caus e for going to war, this rules out things
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Unformatted text preview: like hu m a nitarian aid, etc. (Bosnia, So m alia, Darfur, etc.)-Just Caus e: Is pre e m ption a just caus e? o Typically justified und er th e right of s elf-d efens e o Is pre e m ptive war ev er m orally justified?-Just Caus e: o Subjective Justification : A nation is subjectively justified in waging war just in case it has (or is justified in believing that it has) good evidence of a good reason to go to war o Objective Justification : A nation is objectively justified in waging war just in case it actually has a good reason to go to war-Just caus e provides reasons to b e concerned with th e welfare of innocents (nonco m b at ants). What sort of reasons do we h av e for b eing concern ed for th e m? o A pro tanto moral reason to x is a reason to x that can be overridden but not eliminated (e.g. pick up wife) o A prima facie reason to x is a reason to x that can be both overridden and eliminated (e.g. stop beating of man)...
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