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Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Questions - 1 Which is an example of a...

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1. Which is an example of a behavioral measurement: a. heart rate b. opinions c. nonverbal gestures d. a and c only e. none of the above 2. A variable that is measured with a successive point on a scale is an example of a: 3. When analyzing the number of breakfast cereal commercials during children's television programming, which would be the best approach? 4. Children who watch Bruce Lee movies are more likely to take martial arts classes. This hypothesis is: d. a & c 5. What is true about levels of measurement... a) Interval and ratio measures are constant variables b) In ordinal, variables are measured with different categories c) In interval, the variable can be measured with an unimportant zero point d) In nominal measures, participants can check off more than one category e) a & b only f) a & c only
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