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Psych 101 Midterm Review

Psych 101 Midterm Review - M idterm Review Guide Note...

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Midterm Review Guide Note: Thoroughly answering these questions will definitely help you prepare for the exam, but this is not an exhaustive review. The more detailed your answers to these questions the more you will benefit from them. Don’t forget: you are responsible for all material presented in class. Describe in detail what you learned about the process of experiencing pain from beginning to end. Can you draw on studies presented in class to support your description? What are the two different theories of senescence and what evidence is available to support each one? Create two lists side-by-side that address what happens during acute stress and chronic stress for each of the physiological and psychological functions discussed in class. What is mindfulness? Give a specific example of when and how it might occur. What are the beneficial consequences of mindfulness? What are the three dangerous ideas presented in class regarding a set point for happiness?
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