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Unformatted text preview: 37. Which of the following elements is required in large quantities by plants? a. iron ' d. manganese 38. What is the soil texture classification for soils with a mix of sand, silt and clay. a. loom 39. Soil pH has a direct effect on which of the following? a. photosynthesis utrient availability c. drainage 40. Nutrients required by plants in minuscule amounts, but are very important for plant growth are called. . .? a. mineral nutrients b. primary nutrients * icronntrients . macronutrients 41. When selecting perennial plants for the southeast, what are the two most important plant selection criteria? wind resistance and heat tolerance ®ieat and humidity tolerance 0. cold and salt tolerance 42. Soil is made up of a. sand, silt and clay minerals, oxygen, water, and organic matter c. microbes, peat, sand and clay d. clay, oxygen, minerals, and organic matter 43. Typically, tree roots, if given the room, will extend a out to the drip line b. just past the root flares @Well beyond the drip line 44. Other than genetics, the potential size of the typical urban tree is limited primarily by . .. soil moisture content ' he volume of soil available 0. CBC d. texture . What happens to plant growth and photosynthesis if flie soil becomes very dry? ecrmses b. increases 0. stays the same d. not affected by soil moisture ...
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