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1 PSC 101 Introduction to Psychobiology Instructor: Brian Trainor, PhD 102G Young Hall Office Hours:Wed. 1-2, Thurs. 4-5 Email: Biological ! Genetic • Growing knowledge of biological mechanisms of behavior is often over- interpreted • Complex relationships between biology and behavior are rarely conveyed in a “sound-bite” Taking the “vs.” out of nature vs. nurture •“ …a devil, a born devil, on whose nature Nurture can never stick” – William Shakespeare ( The Tempest , 17 th century) •“ Give me a dozen healthy infants…. . – John B. Watson ( Behaviorism , 1930) • How do biological mechanisms mediate genetic and environmental effects on behavior? Goals for the Course • Provide a broad overview of the field of biological psychology • Learn how biological mechanisms regulate behavior (including learned behavior) • Apply knowledge of behavioral systems to new situations
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2 Highlights: Part 1 • How is electrical stimulation of the brain used to treat brain disorders? • How does sonic hedgehog organize your brain? Highlights: Part 2 How are discoveries about sensory systems used to develop new technology? What influences the attractiveness of your body odor? Highlights: Part 3 • Are specific neurons in our brain associated with specific memories? • Testosterone and winning experiences – Sports – Stock trading Textbook • Biological Psychology 5 th edn (Beedlove, – Could be a useful study guide – Almost every class will have material not included in the book, reading the book will not be enough – This book is used in some upper division psychology courses (PSC 121) Smartsite Resources • Powerpoint slides • Discussion papers
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Class1_FirstClass - Biological ! Genetic PSC 101...

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