05.24_Knowledge2 - Knowledge Representation II Explicit...

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© S. J. Luck All rights reserved 1 © S. J. Luck All Rights Reserved Knowledge Representation II • Explicit memory consists of a set of concepts and links between them • A concept is an idea – Examples: dog, freedom, space travel, walking • A concept contains links to other concepts – The concept “dog” has links to concepts such as fur, teeth, loyal, and Feas • A concept also refers to a set of related “exemplars” – a fancy term for examples -- also called “instances” • The instances of a concept form a category – A category is a group of related things in the world – Examples: Dogs, things that are free, space shuttle missions – The word “category” is sometimes used to mean “concept” • A concept is de±ned by its links to other concepts – Just like a word in a dictionary is de±ned by other words, which are also de±ned by other words, etc. – When one concept is activated, the activation spreads to linked concepts • Ultimately, some of the links must be to sensory experiences – Seeing the word “apple” may lead to activation of taste representations in gustatory cortex ²ire Engine House Red Banana ²ire Yellow Orange Apple Truck • According to the classical view of categories,
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05.24_Knowledge2 - Knowledge Representation II Explicit...

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