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Blackburn-Paul_Selections - answer letters “No my hands...

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“Listening to Sonny Rollins at the Five-Spot,” Paul Blackburn There will be many other nights like be standing here with someone, some one someone some-one some some some some some some one there will be other songs a-nother fall, another—spring, but there will never be a-noth, noth anoth noth anoth-er noth-er noth-er Other lips that I may kiss, but they won’t thrill me like thrill me like like yours used to dream a million dreams but how can they come when there never be a-noth— ( Collected Poems , 316)
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“Phone Call to Rutherford” Paul Blackburn “It would be— a mercy if you did not come see me … “I have dif-fi / culty speak-ing, I cannot count on it, I am afraid it would be too em- ba rass-ing for me .” —Bill, can you still
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Unformatted text preview: answer letters? “No . my hands are tongue-tied . You have … made a record in my heart. Goodbye.” “The Continuity,” Paul Blackburn The bricklayer tells the busdriver and I have nothing to do but listen: The holdup at the liquor store, d’ja hear? a detective watch’t ’m for ten minutes He took it away Got away down Broadway. Yeah? Yeah. And me: the one on the Circle? Yeah. Yeah? I was in there early tonight. The continuity. A dollar forty-two that I spent on a bottle of wine is now in a man’s pocket going down Broadway. Thus far the transmission is oral. Then a cornerboy borrows my pencil to keep track of his sale of newspapers....
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