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ESPM 50AC Key Themes

ESPM 50AC Key Themes - ESPM 50 Midterm One Katrina case...

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ESPM 50 Midterm One Katrina case study -Environmental history: Worster-environmental-socioeconomic-culture -Separation of society and nature by ideology and technologies of control -Modes of production -Reproduction (socio/ecol)>sustainability = capacity for reproduction -Identity and power, race, ethnicity, class, gender, marginalization -Access to resources/exclusion from access to resources Property: -Property is not a thing, but a right to a thing which is shaped by society, economics, etc. -social process: eminent domain & right of return -Locke: first rights (right to your body) and social contract -Founding values and the historical contradictions of American democracy -social contract: importance of rel w/God/property – contradictions/exclusions -Models of incorporation (assimilation and acculturation) -The big picture: Introduction to tools and concepts for understanding the ideas, practices, and roles of different groups in relation to the management and use of natural resources in American history and contemporary society.
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