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ESPM Review Sheet 2 - ESPM 50: Midterm 1 review Units I-II...

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ESPM 50: Midterm 1 review – Units I-II Fall 2008 THEMES: Worster-nature/culture/society :'( =[ identity and power property social contract/policy contact access/control frontier models of incorporation separation: vol/invol Assimilation: inclusionist/universalist plurl: cult/multi Midterm 1 addresses material from the Units I and II, and is based on the following format: 1 identification (4-7 sentences) of 1 bullet point 1 compare/contrast (9-12 sentences) between 2 bullet points 1 short answer (9-12 sentences) ex. “what was Locke's theory of property?” 1 essay question (1 page in large blue book) like weekly reflections Each category will have at least two questions from which you may choose one to answer. For all of the terms listed below, you will be expected to be able to: 1. define the terms. 2. explain their significance in relation to themes in the course – ex: ie. WETLANDS: define; connect to theme (ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE/nature) history of welands in SE louisiana, things affect amt, change nature of wetlands, petrochemicals affecting wetlands, loss, and levees create floom so dont recharge wetlands; CULTURE- wetlands have been overlooked by engineers as a part of important infrastructure and have been left out of projects and replaced by levees because wetlands seen as swamps which is culturally undesireable. SOCIAL structure:levees which cause loss of wetlands - Example of wetland lost is petrochemical industry and lots of oil spills, Worster: nature-
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culture-society 3. compare and contrast related terms 4. give examples from readings and lectures that illustrate your understanding of the term and are clearly delineated in terms of time and place -petrochemicals on coast, building of canals , oil spills affecting wetlands study about ¾ of everything in detail- there will be 2 questions, you get to choose 1 study from articles and lectures- there will be overlaps 35pts for essay- clear thesis, a page long, 2-3 paragraphs and 1 sentence conclusion, topic sentences at beginning of paragraphs 25pts for short answer 25pts compare contrast 15pts short answer Unit I (Garvin- I'm going to watch the review again and redo Unit I almost word for word ) Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans Site and situation - new orleans has fantastic situation in a terrible site -situation is relative socioeconomical advantage that a given location has over other locations in a given region or area, defined in social terms "does it have economic advantages like perfect place for trade?" -Yes -site is the place, the ecosystem, the physical location, we have a swamp, delta floodplain, malarial ecosystem, terrible site for a city- thats defining a place of its natural qualities -tension between site and situation- some sites are so bad that it is hard to take advantage of the situation -resolve tension of the site by working with best qualities of the site and then use technological
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ESPM Review Sheet 2 - ESPM 50: Midterm 1 review Units I-II...

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