Family and Natural Resources

Family and Natural Resources - Christopher Lau 09/10/11...

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Christopher Lau 09/10/11 ESPM 50 Family Experience and Natural Resource Paper My family's relationship with natural resources had been shaped by our history which consisted of not only moving to a completely different country but also by climbing up the social ladder. In the 1980s, my parents immigrated to the United States from China, two countries which differed considerably socially, economically, and politically. Additionally, for the next twenty years since their arrival, they transitioned through the lower class into the middle class which further influenced the way they perceived and used natural resources. Ultimate ly, the culmination of my parents' natural resource experiences shaped and influenced my current view on natural resource management. Growing up in China for most of their younger years, both my parents developed the mentality that natural resources were to be conserved. Natural resources, from their point of view, are any sort of usable raw good acquired from nature such as water, firewood, and livestock. My mother explained to me that when she was child, they had to buy a live chicken and butcher it themselves. There was no room to waste any part of the animal since my mother's family purchased the entire animal. Additionally, this was during the time of China's Cultural Revolution, so it was very difficult for my parents to have much possessions since doing so might evoke suspicions and result in consequences.
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Family and Natural Resources - Christopher Lau 09/10/11...

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