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Lecture 11 – The Ecological Indian? Blackboard Shepherd Krech III. The Ecological Indian: Myth and History Kat Anderson. Tending the Wild Today 1) Understanding relationship between Indians and Nature by comparing 2) The ethical and political implications of the notion/stereotype that Indians either: a. Anderson: lived in “harmony” with nature b. Krech: acted as “ecologists” and/or “conservationists” 3) Key point : Set a precedent for breaking down the “white bad / others good” message that is easy to get from this class. Comparing New England settlers and Indians Culture: Key values: long term survival vs. short term market-based success Ways of seeing opports & constraints in nature: subsistence vs. commodification Nature-society rels: integration (inter-subjective) vs. separation (instrumental) Mythology: social charters: place and community specific vs. universal Social organization: MoP: Subsistence agriculture / hunter-gatherer vs. market agriculture Division of labor: gender / age vs. gender / age /market position Technologies: local supply and production vs global manufacturing Property rights: usufruct / limited private vs. private Lockean 1
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Impact on ecosystems : type, intensity, scale, sustainability? -Production is oriented towards reproduction, in cultural and biological way Cycle of social - cultural - ecological change : different impact on peoples –∆ ecol > opportunities for Europeans / limit Indian reproduction Colonization : Domination vs. dependency in settlement and colonization. Ethical differences
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Lecture 11 - Lecture 11 The Ecological Indian Blackboard...

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