Lecture 16 - Lecture 16 Indian Policy 2 Blackboard Today...

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Lecture 16 – Indian Policy 2 Blackboard Today: policy phases 2-6 Federal Indian policy Trade and treaties (1532-1828) Removal, reservation, and war (1828-1887) Allotment (1887-1934) Self-government: Indian New Deal (1934-1945) Termination (1945-1960s) Self-Determination (1960s-present) Indian land loss Land gets taken over for developmental use. Franctionated tenure patterns on reservations Even on reservation, land is still lost. I.E, the crow tribe of Montana only own 20% of the land on their reservation. Allotment and Assimilation Historical context Military surrender, territorial containment, and economic dependency Conquest is complete, colonial control of reservation. Government is established to determine how Indians are to be assimilated. Indians are defeated an dependent on the government. Reservations: administration, policy and corruption Government is corrupt, money allocated to help Indians never made it to Native American hands. US v Kagama (1886) Issue : Indian murder case raised the issue of tribal vs. federal jurisdiction Decision : feds have jurisdiction on reservations in certain cases. Tribal sovereignty is extinguished. Implications : wardship is the essence of relationship of feds and tribes, and tribal 1
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sovereignty is very limited Decision reflected fact of dependency on the ground and social construction The government should support the tribe by providing subsidies. Social construction and incorporation:
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  • Spring '09
  • social construction, Indian reservation, Indian New Deal, land loss, private trust patent, land loss Land

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Lecture 16 - Lecture 16 Indian Policy 2 Blackboard Today...

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