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Matt Pitzer English 147.07 October 1, 2007 “The Simple Art of Murder” Application In his essay, Chandler makes a point that Sayer’s novels follow an “arid formula” that they can’t even satisfy. He goes on to describe how the characters in her story do unreal things that portray the characters themselves as somewhat unreal. This idea is clearly shown throughout Strong Poison . The story follows a very dull chronological order and the detective seems to slowly move from one lead to the next. The characters are introduced based on when the detective needs to see them about certain clues.
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Unformatted text preview: The idea that her main characters lose a certain aspect because of the flaws in her plot is shown when Wimsey tells Ms. Climpson to find Ms. Wrayburns will. Ms. Climpson is able to find it but uses Ms. Wrayburns nurse to do it. She acts like she is interested in paranormal activity and the nurse invites her over. She is able to persuade the nurse to find the will by acting like the spirit of Ms. Wrayburn. Chandler’s makes a good point that Sayer’s novels are second-grade writing because of the way the plots are organized....
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