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Sample Exam 1 Key - CH339K Dr Ready Spring 2001 Exam 1 Good...

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CH339K Spring 2001 Dr. Ready 10/11/2000 Page 1 of 7 Exam 1 Good Luck! pKas and required constants are on the last page. 1. Identify the following compounds (3 pts each). In the case of amino acids, tell me what the one-letter code is as well. (2 pts.) N N H 2 C H COOH CH 2 N H 2 C H COOH CH-CH 3 CH 2 CH 3 Name:____Tryptophan______ Name:__Lucine__________ 1-Letter Code:__W___________ 1-Letter Code:_L____________ Name:_Cytosine-___________ Name:_Adenine____________ 2. In the presence of sunlight, vampire α -keratin breaks down to CO 2 , H 2 O and NH 3 . (This accounts for the ugly mess that occurs when a vampire is trapped outside at dawn.) The reaction proceeds to near completion; Keq is 6.4 x 10 8 . a. What is Δ G 0 for the reaction? (7 pts) -52.3 kJ/mol (-52261 by calculator, assuming 37 o C) N N O N H H2 N N N N NH 2 H
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CH339K Spring 2001 Dr. Ready 10/11/2000 Page 2 of 7 b. Vampires in the SunBelt have evolved limited protection against sun exposure. A set of reactions involving the hydrolysis of ATP reverses the breakdown reaction. Speaking only in terms of thermodynamic principles, what is the minimum number of ATP phosphate bonds that must be hydrolyzed (broken) in order to protect one molecule of α -keratin? (3 pts) Minimum of 2 moles per mole α -keratin 3. Vampires are also highly soluble in water, dissolving in a rather grisly fashion if they happen to fall in the creek. What factors and properties make water such an excellent solvent for vampires (or any other material, for that matter)? You saw this one coming, so give me a detailed answer! (7 pts) Looking for H-bonding propensity which helps dissolve compounds containing H-bond acceptors and donors (including biological macromolecules), polarity of O-H bonds and of entire water molecule, which helps dissolve polar compounds, and high dielectric which shields charges and helps keep them in solution. 4. As part of a study of the biochemistry of the undead, you are purifying the oxygen- binding protein vampoglobin from the blood of a thoroughly ticked-off vampire. Vampire blood, it turns out, contains relatively few proteins (3, actually - see Fig, 1a).
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Sample Exam 1 Key - CH339K Dr Ready Spring 2001 Exam 1 Good...

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