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Answer the following. Please avoid writing the Great American Novel – none of these questions require more than a paragraph or so. Show all calculations for maximum credit. Good luck! 1) A hemorrhagic fever of unknown origin has broken out in Waco, right after several hundred citizens received a scratch-and-sniff advertisement for a new perfume, postmarked from a post office box in Kabul. An emergency response team from Fort Marlene has isolated the virus and is attempting to devise a means of control. You are a part of the team; failure to get the correct answers to the following questions will result not only in loss of points but also in the destruction of Western Civilization. No pressure… a. People infected with the virus begin to produce large amounts of a protein, which destroys collagen in the connective tissues. You have isolated a large amount of the protein and are attempting to determine the amino acid sequence. The protein is cleaved into two fragments by treatment with cyanogen bromide (CNBr) . You have isolated one of the fragments, which can itself be cleaved by the proteases trypsin and chymotrypsin into the following fragments: For 8 points and the salvation of humanity, what is the amino acid sequence of the fragment? NTLCKDNFQVTKGLGYDRNELFTCKDHM For 1 extra point, would this fragment be at the amino (NH 2 ) terminus or the carboxy (COOH) terminus of the intact protein? For 2 extra points, why? Amino terminus. The protein cleaved into two fragments; this fragment ends with a methionine indicating an internal cleavage site. CNBr cleaves after Met. Trypsin Chymotrypsin DHM DRNELF DNFQVTK NTLCKDNF GLGYDR TCKDHM NTLCK QVTKGLGY NELFTCK Page 1 of 7 Answer the following 1/26/2010 http://www.michaelpready.com/mready/Spring2009Exam1_KEY.htm
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2) Identify the following four amino acids by name(3 pts each).and one-letter code (2 pts each). 3) Define or describe the following terms. One or a few sentences should suffice – do not write the Great American Novel. (5 pts each) a. Hydrogen Bond Bond between a hydrogen atom covalently bound to an electronegative atom and a second electronegative atom. Relatively weak; highly directional. b.
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Spring2009 Exam1_KEY - Answer the following Page 1 of 7...

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