WWII outline - Interwar Period-World War II I Introduction...

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Interwar Period-World War II I. Introduction A. Europe was divided into 5 powers, no single country powerful enough to control continent itself. B. Gain power, or protect yourself from gained power C. Situation made it very easy for misconception to play a big role. D. Bipolar system- two adversarial states squared off – lot less room for misperception. Allies don’t matter as much, two states are much more powerful than everyone else. E. Hard to image the war would be over quickly with two powers. F. Systemic Perception, always be misperceptions G. Previous argument, multipolarity is a situation in which misperception can get out of hand. i. Germany 1. Late 1800’s became big power in Europe 2. Conern that it will infringe on other powers 3. In the 1850s described as insignificant – 15 years later – most powerful nation. 4. Coal production was just behind Britain – in steel germans producing more than Britain france and Russia combined. 5. Doesn’t have much access to water 6. Surrounded by powerful neighbors 7. Russia was more like an undeveloped power because of its per capita value 8. Austrian gov. is falling, creating a vacuum 9. Everyone knew that the US could significantly effect the balance of power just by stepping in. II.
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WWII outline - Interwar Period-World War II I Introduction...

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