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ITF - copia (2) - 14 Definitions and concepts of machines...

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1. Course Overview 2. Classification and description of the hydraulic machines 3. Energy balance in hydraulic machinery. Alturas. And yield losses 4. Euler's Theorem 5. Displacement compressors 6. Similarity in hydraulic machines 7. Cavitation in hydraulic machines 8. Regulation of hydraulic pumps and fans 9. Dimensioning of a hydraulic turbine 10. Dimensional theory in hydraulic turbomachines 11. Combustion in internal combustion engines 12. Alternative Internal Combustion Engines 13. Fundamentals of draft centrifugal pumps
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Unformatted text preview: 14. Definitions and concepts of machines and heat engines 15. Thermodynamic cycles of heat engines 16. Steam turbines 17. Gas turbines and combined cycle 18. The combustion heat source 19. Boilers and homes 20. Gas Turbines 21. Heat exchangers 22. Heat exchangers 23. Introduction to thermal 24. Cooling Technology 25. Psychrometrics and cooling towers 26. Fundamentals of Thermal Turbomachinery 27. Ovens 28. Fundamentals of Thermal Turbomachinery...
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