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PGE 203 HWK 1 Due at start of lecture: Feb. 1 Please show your work and convert the following quantities from the unit set shown to the unit set requested. (1) Convert 1,000 Bbl/day to cubic meters/second. (2) 10,000 psi to Pa. (3) 50 cp to Pa-s (4) A rock sample has a bulk volume of 5.3 cubic inches. The rock is then determined to have a grain volume of 4.3 cubic inches. What is the porosity of this rock sample? (5) How many Mcf of natural gas are required to produce 3,930.133 HP-hrs of work if the natural gas in question has a heating content of 1,000 BTU/Scf? (6) If an oil well is producing at a rate of 100 bbl/day and the heating content of the
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Unformatted text preview: oil is roughly 6,000,000 BTU/bbl, how many KW of power does this represent? (7) A well that is 4,000 m deep has a pressure of 56,440,171.3 Pa at the bottom of the well. What is the density in lb-m/gal of the liquid filling the well that creates this pressure? Read Chapter 1 in the text book and answer the following questions. (8) Define the difference between structural and stratigraphic hydrocarbon traps. (9) Explain the difference between the organic and inorganic theory of hydrocarbon formation. (10) How did hydrocarbons migrate from a source bed where they were formed to a trap?...
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