HWK 2 - simply remembering that the flow is always from...

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PGE 203 HWK 2 Due at start of lecture: Feb. 15. (1) Please derive the correct units constant for traditional U.S. units for Darcy's Law for elliptical flow where a = b/3, shown below. 4.45 ln w e e w kh q B B μ Φ - Φ = - You should follow the example for radial liquid flow shown in the lecture notes to complete this. (2) Using the equation for radial flow in the notes and the equation you derived in part (1) please compute the flow rate through each system using the following data. o 2 2 30 md 25' =10 cp 4,000 psi 3,000 psi = -20 deg 0.9 1 STB/bbl The area drained by each is 1,743,611 ft For the circle, , 745' For the e wf o e e k h p p B A r r θ γ π = = = = = = = = ellipse, , 1290' Assume that 0.2' e w w A ab B r B = = = = (3) Please explain why the results you obtained in part (2) make sense. As a hint examine the variables of each equation that are different values and theorize as to the effect of the differences. (4) Darcy's Law can be used equally to describe the injection of fluid into the reservoir by
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Unformatted text preview: simply remembering that the flow is always from point 1 to point 2, or in this case from the well bore (point 1) to the reservoir boundary (point 2). For example, the radial flow equation for fluid injection has fluid entering the reservoir at the well and flowing towards the boundary, rather than the other way around for production. 141.2 ln e w e w kh q r r Φ - Φ = - where the flow rate now is an injection rate into the reservoir. Using this equation please compute the injection pressure at the well bore for the following conditions. 30 md 25' =1 cp 3,000 psi 1 bbl/min = +20 deg 745' 0.2' e e w k h p q r r μ θ = = = = = = Note that the angle of the formation now indicates the well is the lowest part and injection must flow up hill....
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HWK 2 - simply remembering that the flow is always from...

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