HWK 4 - (6) What are the two things that a rig can use to...

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PGE 203 HWK 4 Due at start of lecture: March 1. Read Chapter 4 in the text and review the class notes on drilling. Then answer the following questions. (1) What are the two main reasons listed in the text that cable tool drilling has been largely replaced by rotary methods? (2) As listed in the notes, what are the tasks or functions all drilling rigs must accomplish? Next to each function list how the cable tool and then the rotary rig accomplished the task. (3) Name the pieces of surface equipment necessary to turn the drill pipe with a rig using a rotary table. (4) Increasingly rigs today use a top drive rather than a rotary table to turn the drill string. What advantages come from making this switch? (5) What functions do the circulating system and drilling fluid perform?
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Unformatted text preview: (6) What are the two things that a rig can use to control well pressure and prevent blow outs? (7) Steel strings of pipe called casing strings are cemented in the well to isolate weak rock zones from higher pressures that may be encountered while drilling deeper. What are the other reasons for using the special strings of casing listed below? (a) Surface Casing (b) Intermediate Casing (c) Production Casing (8) For wells drilled from a drill ship or a semi-submersible how are the casing strings suspending in the well? (9) What are five reasons to drill a directional well? (10) What does the term "fishing" mean in drilling operations?...
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HWK 4 - (6) What are the two things that a rig can use to...

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