HWK 8 - recovery to the economic limit. (3) Using the map...

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PGE 203 HWK 8 Due at start of lecture: April 26. There is a production data set posted on black board for HWK 8. (1) Please determine the economic limit if: $80/STBO $4,000/ month/well 100% 70% 4.6% State oil severance tax 3% Local ad valorem tax OP LOE WI NRI STO STL = = = = = = (2) From the production data, please construct a decline curve for each well and determine the oil
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Unformatted text preview: recovery to the economic limit. (3) Using the map attached to the production data, please draw a bubble map around each well as a simple circle around each well. You may assume the following reservoir properties. 25' for each well 27% 28% 1.2 bbl/STB w o h S B φ = = = =...
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