15-rep- systems and choice

15-rep- systems and choice - short and long term strategies...

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Mating systems and mate choice human mating systems sexual dimorphism degree of sexual selection change over time monogamy social system offspring genetics polygyny parental investment- Trivers males limited by number of mates polyandry social system- uncommon offspring genetics- occurs parental investment females are limited by quality of mates facultative in relation to sex ratio overt choice inbreeding avoidance effects of association mhc highly polymorphic predict dissociative mating olfactory preference- Wedekind facial preference- Lie, Roberts responsiveness, epc's- Garver-Apgar mate choice- Ober, Hedrick methods- up to the task? predicted sex differences in criteria basis in parental investment males less discriminating- Rhodes sexes profile differently in criteria- Buss
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Unformatted text preview: short and long term strategies different problems to solve- Buss and Schmitt predicted differences in criteria male profile- paternity uncertainty female profile- resources methods employed- up to the task? attractiveness mhc- heterozygous advantage may explain mhc mate choice data hip to waist relation to health- Singh preferences relationship to mating- Rhodes asymmetry relation to health- Thornhill effect on attraction- Rukowski effect on number of partners- Thornhill relationship to mating- Rhodes cryptic choice menstrual cycle attractiveness- Gangestad partner non-partner sperm release possible competition- Baker and Bellis sperm retention flowback orgasm...
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15-rep- systems and choice - short and long term strategies...

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