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Using the TI-BA II calculator for financial calculations © Steve Bollweg, Joseph Crisologo and Michael D. Kinsman This is a brief guide to using the TI BA II financial calculator. It does not replace your instruction booklet, nor does it replace actually practicing with the calculator. In the materials below, BOLD FACE indicates that you press a key with that label on your TI BA II. # below indicates that you press a number key on your TI BA II. 2nd indicates that you press the gray shift key that accesses the secondary functions of the keys. Setting up your calculator. To set the number of digits after the decimal point, press 2nd Format # ENTER where # is the number of digits you want to display after the decimal point. Financial calculations. To set your calculator for beginning of period mode, press 2nd BGN . Then, entering 2nd SET will toggle between begin and end mode. To enter the number of periods in a year press 2nd P/Y , enter # (the number of periods in a year), and press
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