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AIS EXAM 1 Questions - answers

AIS EXAM 1 Questions - answers - d software techies are...

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3. Because it changes the way people work, and requires to focus attention on change management. Also, implementation often takes along time and personnel resist changes to business practices. 5. a. expansion b. increasing costs-ERP reduces costs c. Need to replace legacy systems d. competitive advantage. e. Increased numbers of errors f. Presence of silos 6. b. Define responsibilities c. Gain commitment from company executives d. Avoid deadlines 7. a. no dedicated team project b. no training schedule until less than 90 days before go-live. c. no contingency budget
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Unformatted text preview: d. software techies are running the project e. very little margin for error f. will not customize software under any circumstances 8.. Change management is a planned approach to change within an organization. the objective is to maximize benefits for the org. and reduce risks associated with ERP implementation. Best practices dictate how a formal work order process/system is used so that the changes can be tracked.- Show quoted text -On Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 8:45 AM, sladjana vasic <[email protected]> wrote: HI Marko, How did you answer q # 3, 5,6,7,8. Let me know if you get a chance. Thank you! Sladja...
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