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Canary in a Coal Mine: 13 Signs That Your ERP Implementation Project May Be in Trouble Posted by Eric Kimberling on August 30, 2010 · Leave a Comment I’m a big fan of ’80s rock. I am also guilty of quoting more than my share of classic rock songs in my blog. So when I heard “Canary in a Coal Mine” by The Police on the radio the other day, I instantly thought about ERP projects. The song title refers to the phrase stemming from the fact that coal miners would rely on canaries to warn them of dangerous gas leaks that they may not otherwise detect in time to get out alive. The canary was singing when all was well. When it stopped singing, it was usually because it was dead, warning them to get out of the mine before the fumes killed the miners as well. ERP projects have a similar potentially unnoticeable dynamic. We’ve all heard about massive ERP failures over the years, but those failures didn’t just happen overnight. Instead, a number of toxic “leaks” built up over time until the projects were doomed. So what are the warnings that you may have a dead canary or two on your hands? Here are a few signs that your ERP project may be in trouble: 1. You’re not reviewing the project with your executive team on at least a bi-monthly basis. This will spell trouble, because you need involvement from your management team to ensure the project is aligned with their expectations, key decisions are being made in a timely fashion, and resources are being directed appropriately. This problem area is also likely to become a root cause for many of the other warning signs listed below. 2.
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2-ERP_SignsOfTrouble - Canary in a Coal Mine 13 Signs That...

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