Week 10 Lecture Notes

Week 10 Lecture Notes - ∆ Electronegativity – highest...

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December 2, 2007 Chapter 5 – up to section 5.8 (Pg 180) Kinetic Molecular Theory 1. Molecules in continuous rapid random motion 2. Volume the gas molecules occupy is negligible (High Pressure) 3. Molecules move in straight lines until collisions 4. Molecules do not influence one another except during a collision (Low Temp.) 5. Kinetic Energy (KE) system α absolute Temperature Intramolecular – within the molecule Ionic Covalent Metallic Intermolecular – between molecules PE α 1/ r x Dipole Moment : electronegativity exists Lack of symmetry  1 of 2
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**Charge amounts of elements dictate if the element will be hydrated Dipole : distance of charge separation
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Unformatted text preview: ∆ Electronegativity – highest electronegativity highest dipole CH 3 F CH 3 Cl CH 3 Br CH 3 I CH 3 F – highest net dipole Hydrogen Bond Intermolecular Forces Ionic 100’s kJ/mol of energy Covalent 100’s kJ/mol of energy Ion Dipole 15 kJ/mol (Ionic Salt in a polar solvent) H Bond 20 kJ/mol (H directly attached to N, O, or F) Dipole Dipole 2 kJ/mol (must be a dipole) LDF 2 kJ/mol (all molecules; nonpolar) Boiling : break bonds to neighboring molecules and leave the surface; takes place when vapor pressure = atmospheric London Dispersive Force (LDF) : instantaneous; induced dipole 2 of 2...
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Week 10 Lecture Notes - ∆ Electronegativity – highest...

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