CHEM 4511 PS 7 F10 Solutions

CHEM 4511 PS 7 F10 Solutions - CHEM 4511/6501 PS 7 Fall 10...

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Unformatted text preview: CHEM 4511/6501 PS 7 Fall 10 ‐ Solutions 1. See solutions in Voet, Voet, and Pratt. 2. A. Plot should look something like this: pKa2 5 6 7 pKa1 B. RNaseA requires the presence of a 2’ hydroxyl group, found in RNA (ribonucleic acid) which is lacking in DNA (2’deoxyribonucleic acid). 3. Possibilities: (1) the positive charge of the guanidinium group mimics a positively charged intermediate; (2) The sp2 center of compound I is planar, and the ring system will mimic the conformation of the substrate (and proposed intermediate) while bound to the enzyme. 4. A. B. B is smaller than A while C is greater than A. C. B will proceed faster than A whereas C will proceed slower than A. 5. ...
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