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- 1 - CS6230 Class Project - MPI Fall 2010 Prof. Jeffrey Vetter 1 Goal MPI is a critically important programming model for today’s HPC applications and systems. This project focuses on using point to point operations to provide the equivalent functionality of one very important collective operation often used by scientific applications: MPI_Allreduce . You may use any algorithm that you chose to satisfy the functionality requirements presented below, but algorithms can differ dramatically in terms of performance, complexity, and scalability. 2 Assignment Write your own MPI_Allreduce operation in C using only MPI point to point communication operations (e.g., MPI_[I]Send , MPI_[I]Recv ) that provides a correct but limited set of functionality (outlined below). Briefly, this MPI subroutine applies a reduction operation to the vector sendbuf element by element over the set of tasks specified by comm and places the result in recvbuf on all of the tasks. This subroutine is similar to MPI _ REDUCE except the result is returned to the receive buffer of all the group members. All members of the group should receive EXACTLY the same result (bit for bit). For this assignment, the scope of the functionality for your allreduce is limited to the following:
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This note was uploaded on 11/08/2010 for the course CSE 6230 taught by Professor Jeffreyvetter during the Fall '10 term at Georgia Institute of Technology.

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mpi-hw-project-v02 - CS6230 Class Project - MPI Fall 2010...

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