5-10-2010 - Vorlesung (VO1) Grundkonzepte Teilchenphysik*)...

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Vorlesung (VO1) Grundkonzepte Teilchenphysik *) im WS 2010 Emmerich KNERINGER Unterlagen 0 Version 1a (5.10. 2010) *) setzt die Vorlesung “Kerne und Teilchen” nicht unbedingt voraus 2 Fundamental concepts z Accelerators z Detectors z Cross section z Luminosity z Centre of mass system z Invariant mass z Particles z Forces – interactions z Symmetries z Decay rate z Scattering z Quantum numbers (conservation laws) experimental theoretical Tell me, if you think something is missing!
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3 Topics (there in not time for all of them) 1. Accelerators: linear, circular, synchrotron radiation ¾ LHC buckets and bunches 2. Detectors: track reconstruction, track model 3. Mass: find new particles 4. Lifetime: P -Lepton, Fermi‘s Golden Rule 5. Spin: relativistically spinning sphere, scattering formulae 6. Scattering, form factor, Fourier transform 7. Lagrange formalism, gauge theories/invariance, minimal coupling 8. Higgs and symmetry breaking, electro-weak theory 9.
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This note was uploaded on 11/04/2010 for the course APS WS10.706.0 taught by Professor Emmerichkneringer during the Winter '10 term at Uni. Innsbruck.

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5-10-2010 - Vorlesung (VO1) Grundkonzepte Teilchenphysik*)...

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