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Aappendix G D Rexford 1 Day late - Axia College Material...

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a) General Journal Axia College Material Appendix G Comprehensive Problem Journalize Transactions Use this template to journalize and post the July transactions for Julie's Maid Cleaning Service, Inc. GENERAL JOURNAL J1 DATE ACCOUNT TITLE AND EXPLANATION REF. DEBIT CREDIT July 1 Cash Common Stock 1 Equipment Cash Accounts Payable 3 Cleaning Supplies Accounts Payable 5 Prepaid Insurance Cash 12 Accounts Receivable Service Revenue 18 Accounts Payable Cash 20 Salaries Expense Cash 21 Cash Accounts Receivable 25 Accounts Receivable Service Revenue 31 Gas & Oil Expense Cash 31 Dividends Cash
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Axia College Material Appendix G Comprehensive Problem Prepare a 10-Column Worksheet JULIE’S MAIDS CLEANING SERVICE INC. Worksheet For the Month Ended July 31, 2008 Adjusted Trial Balance Adjustments Trial Balance Account Titles Dr. Cr. Dr. Cr. Dr. Cr. Cash Accounts Receivable Cleaning Supplies Prepaid Insurance Equipment Accounts Payable Common Stock Dividends Service Revenue Gas and Oil Expense Salaries Expense Total Depreciation Expense Insurance Expense Cleaning Supplies Expense Salaries Payable Totals Net Income Totals Complete this worksheet for Julie's Maids Cleaning Service, Inc. Make sure to: a) Prepare a trial balance at July remaining parts of the worksheet; and d) Verify your totals.
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