Assignment New Employee Training TEST

Assignment New Employee Training TEST - Human...

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Human Resources *Development and* Training Preparation It is important that some preparation is done before a particular training or development program is chosen, the preparation that has to be undertaken is to figure out what the organization need to do, for example The organization needs to: Identify training need Set specific objectives Ensure organizational support for the program Allocate the necessary resources Assist the transfer of learning A training need is the gap between desired performance and actual performance, during the preparation stage a need analysis has to be carried out to assess what kind of training is needed in the organization. Usually training or development programs are offered during some kind of change, like new job (being a new employee) or introduction of new work practices or technology. The reasons for the need of training can be many. Changes in economical climate affecting the business, having to improve their employee’s quantity and quality of work, it could be new work practices or technology that has been introduced into the company. In this stage specific objectives should be set for the trainees, this is the goal of the training, for example be able to operate a cash register, assemble a piece of equipment or close a sale. Preparation should also ensure that all the necessary resources are available. Resources that are needed could be people who are qualified to carry out the training, equipment, money and space. Reducing stress in the workplace Preparation The training is aimed at the group of people who would be experiencing or have high chance of experiencing stress at the workplace. This training is more aimed at the office environment than any other environment but can be used for other types of working environments. The group of people working in an office environment are today at a risk of stress, this is higher than it ever was during the Celtic tiger period. The amount of stress put on by worrying about the security of employment, meeting their objectives which could still be high, long working days and increase workload due to cuts in staff numbers. It is not as easy to identify the need for this training, but it can be detected by looking at sick days and reasons for sick leave. Are there a lot of sick leaves based on stress related illnesses, like depression, headaches, and stomach pains? If the workplace is a stressful place with deadlines and targets, it can be quite safe to say that there are people that would need this training. Looking at the appraisals and what employees are saying, do they feel stressed, how are those that are bringing up stress, performing? These methods could be used to identify training needs. Deciding on what training needs will be based on the information obtained by the
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Assignment New Employee Training TEST - Human...

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