002 - Preliminary sections

002 - Preliminary sections - Geometric Design Manual - 2002...

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Unformatted text preview: Geometric Design Manual - 2002 Preface Ethiopian Roads Authority Page i P REFACE This Geometric Design Manual-2002 is one of the series of “Design Manuals, Standard Contract Documents and Specifications” prepared under a credit financing of the International Development Agency (IDA). The consulting services were provided by the Louis Berger Group, Inc. This manual has been developed from current international practice appropriately modified to take account of local experience and conditions. It is written for the practicing engineer. ERA formed a Project Working Group charged with evaluating and commenting upon the draft Manuals and guiding the Consultant on the preparation of the final Manuals. ERA Project Working Group edited and wrote this final manual. Members of the Working Group and the Louis Berger Group team for this Manual include the following: 1. Ato Belaynehe Wolde Selassie Manager, Design, Research and Network Management Division –Group Chairman 2. Ato Fesseha Taffese Head, Design and Research Branch - Project Counterpart 3. Ato Fekadu Haile Senior Advisor to the General Manager - Secretary and Editor of this Final Manual. 4. Mr. Peter Drummond Road Sector Development Program Advisor to the General Manager - Editor of this Final Manual. 5. Mr. Henry S. Mildenhall Contract Administration Spet 6. Mr. Brian S. Barr Rural Roads Coordinator 7. Mr. Nigel Penfold Highway Design Spet, DFID Contract Capacity Building Team and Group - Secretary on comments of the draft Manual. 8. Mr. Michael S. Nyquist- Louis Berger Group Project Manager and Highway Engineer Companion Documents and Manuals Prepared under the same service are the following: 1. Site Investigation Manual-2002 2. Pavement Design Manual Volume I-2002 (Flexible & Gravel) 3. Pavement Design Manual Volume II-2002 (Rigid Pavements) 4. Overlay/Rehabilitation Manual-2002 5. Drainage Design Manual-2002 6. Bridge Design Manual-2002 7. Standard Environmental Procedures Manual-2002 8. Standard Detail Drawings-2002 9. Standard Technical Specifications-2002 10. Standard Tendering Documents For Road Work Contracts National Competitive Tendering (NCT)-2002 11. Standard Bidding Documents For Road Work Contracts International Competitive Bidding (ICB)-2002 Preface Geometric Design Manual - 2002 Page ii Ethiopian Roads Authority Appropriate reviews and comments were also provided by agencies and individuals through ERA's Project Working Group. The Working Group wishes to acknowledge the contributions made by all other spets within and outside of ERA in the preparation of these Manuals and Documents. The layout of this Manual has been arranged with the following hierarchy: • Chapter • Major heading or Section (level one) • Sub-Section within the major heading (level two) • Sub-sub-Section within the second level subject matter (level three) All tables are described by number beginning with one (1) at the first of each Chapter....
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002 - Preliminary sections - Geometric Design Manual - 2002...

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