Appendix-C - Geometric Design Manual-2002 Appendix C...

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Appendix C Geometric Design Manual-2002 Measuring Sight Distance Ethiopian Roads Authority Page C-1 C. M EASURING AND R ECORDING S IGHT D ISTANCE ON P LANS By determining graphically the sight distances on the plans and recording them at frequent intervals, the designer can appraise the overall layout and effect a more balanced design by minor adjustments in the plan of profile. Once the horizontal and vertical alignments are tentatively established, the practical means of examining sight distances along the proposed highway is by direct scaling on the plans. Methods for scaling sight distances are demonstrated in Figure C-1. The figure also shows a typical sight distance record that could be shown on the final plans. Because the view of the highway ahead may change rapidly in a short distance, it is desirable to measure and record sight distance for both directions of travel at each station. Both horizontal and vertical sight distances should be measured and the shorter lengths recorded. In the case of two-lane highways, passing sight distance in addition to stopping sight
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Appendix-C - Geometric Design Manual-2002 Appendix C...

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