Appendix-G - Geometric Design Manual-2002 Appendix G Plans...

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Appendix G Geometric Design Manual-2002 Plans & Drafting Ethiopian Roads Authority Page G-1 GP LANS AND D RAFTING G.1 General The final plans are the graphic portrayal of the complete highway design. These plans, together with the specifications, enable the Engineer and the contractor to locate and construct on the ground the highway facility as visualized by the designer. Plans should be kept as simple as possible yet be complete enough so that the need not be compelled to try to guess what the designer intended. Unique drawing numbers must be included on the drawings. The drawings should not contain any estimated quantities. The minimum size of lettering chosen must be legible after plan reduction. G.2 Completeness of Plans The completeness of plans and profiles and level of detail adopted for a given project shall be consistent with the type of road, and the nature of the work to be undertaken. Plans for tender and construction purposes shall be produced at 1:2000 scale on A1 size paper, which may be reduced to A3 size for tender purposes. The plans shall include a title sheet, project location plan, plan and profile drawings, typical cross sections, structural details, material pits and road furniture details. 1. Title sheet: The title sheet is a standard form and shall show the road functional classification number, the project number, and project length and location, with arrows designating the beginning and ending stations on the route map. Design criteria such as design speed, maximum curvature, gradient, terrain class, etc., will be tabulated. An
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Appendix-G - Geometric Design Manual-2002 Appendix G Plans...

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