Phys 369 09 hw 7 - Phys 369 Fall 2009 Homework#7 Due Friday Oct 23 beginning of class 100 points total 1(12 points Schroeder problem 4.30 2(12

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Phys. 369, Fall 2009 Homework #7 Due: Friday, Oct. 23, beginning of class 100 points total 1. (12 points) Schroeder, problem 4.30 2. (12 points) Schroeder, problem 4.33 3. (14 points) Suppose that you have 1 liter of 4 He gas at a temperature of 600 K and a pressure of 3 atmospheres. a) For this system, compute the internal energy U , enthalpy H , Helmholtz free energy F , and Gibbs free energy G . b) Suppose now that the gas expands quasistatically and isothermally to a volume of 3 liters. Calculate the work done by the gas, the heat absorbed by the gas, and the change in entropy of the gas. Verify that the work done is equal to the magnitude of the decrease in the Helmoltz free
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