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Crime Model - civil rights that were set through the...

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Crime Model David Bomotti CJS 200
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In the United States we utilize to different crime models one is the due process and the other is crime control model. The crime control model is a process that gives more power to the police. For example an officer can search your car with just probable cause. This model also reduces the legal restrictions on proving the guilt of someone. Also in this model someone can lose the rights that other law abiding citizens have. In this model also money would be appropriated for more police and jails. This model became very popular after 9/11 and the heightened terrorist threat. The other model that our criminal system uses is the due process model. In this model the
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Unformatted text preview: civil rights that were set through the constitution are met. Criminals also in this model are to receive the same type treatment no matter who they are. In this model as well evidence that was obtained illegally is not admissible in court. If I had my choice of which one of these models that I favored more than the other I would chose the due process model. I would choose this model for the reason that It follows the liberties that we are to receive as American’s. Even for those criminals that are convicted of a non-offensive crime....
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