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Script for Orientation of a new Employee (Human Resources: Berkeley, 2007) Before the Employee Comes: A new employee begins their orientation before they arrive. If the new employee's arrival is planned, their first day will be more productive. Before the employee comes into work we should: Tell other employees that a new employee is starting work. Ask that the other employees welcome them and show them their support. Make sure that the new employee's first-day tasks are interesting. Have a copy of the employee's job description, their job performance standards, and the organization chart of the office. Get the employee signed up for a New Employee Orientation class through Human Resources' Employee Development & Training Unit. The employee's work location should be clean, available, and organized before they arrive. Keep a copy of the correct personnel policy manual and their contract available for the new employee to see.
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Keep a copy of the benefits information package. If you can, have one old employee be the preceptor for their first week. Make sure that the new employee meets and interviews the most important people, so that they fully understand their roles. Get the new employee a building pass, parking pass, and any necessary IDs. Have a training plan ready for the first few months they're on the job. Their First Day at Work
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