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NS 1150 Assignment #2 Article Evaluation This study, funded largely by the National Cancer Institute , (Please use the citation to introduce the study!) set out to find any associations between B vitamin intake and breast cancer incidence, as well as correlations between specific gene polymorphisms involving B vitamins and breast cancer survival. Data was obtained by administering questionnaires shortly after being diagnosed (about 3 months) and again about 5 years after that, as well as analyzing medical records, as permitted. According to the results of the study, there was a statistically significant inverse relationship between B vitamin intake (especially B1 and B3) and mortality in breast cancer patients . Also, certain polymorphisms were identified as being associated with a greater survival rate . (None of these factors were explained in the method section! You need to describe how these were measured or estimated by the authors) These results lead the researchers to conclude that B vitamins may be important to breast cancer patients and might have a positive effect on survival. The size of the sample in this study is a potential weakness, since 1500 women is a small amount of examples , (in the method section, you did not mention this either!) and may not be indicative of the trend in all
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breast cancer patients (because the authors found significant relationship between vitamin B consumption and breast cancer survival rate, the sample size was big enough to detect the effect of vitamin B. Therefore you cannot claim that the sample size was small) . Studies that involve biological samples, especially complex ones such
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NS1150assignment 2 - NS 1150 Assignment #2 Article...

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