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Experiment 2 - Experiment#2 Extraction and Washing...

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Experiment #2 Extraction and Washing September 24, 2009
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Background: This was a three part lab to test the effectiveness of common techniques such as extractions and washing using various solutes and solvents. Part A tested the effectiveness of the extraction of dodecane using just water or water and tert-butyl methyl ether. For the first half of part A, the solution was dried with anhydrous magnesium sulfate and then decanted, while the second half of part A entailed drying with magnesium sulfate and then using a steam bath to evaporate the ether (ether evaporation was complete when the liquid no longer boiled at a temperature below dodecane’s boiling temperature). Part B tested the efficacy of extracting crystal violet from water with one dose of 10 ml of methylene chloride. Finally, part C tested the effectiveness of washing fluorene, using water in order to extract the crystal violet contamination. Results: Part A : Trial 1: Percent Yield Mass of initial sample: 4.78g Mass of crystals obtained: 4.03g 4.78/4.03= 84.3% Measured Refractive Index: 1.416
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