partition hiding program

partition hiding program - /* program to read the partition...

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Sheet1 Page 1 /* program to read the partition table of hard disk and can hide and revele partitions*/ /* Release date: 1.1.2006 Author: Tapan Kumar Mishra 7th sem ,Electrical Engg. IGIT Sarang,Orissa About the program: This program is a part of my project to read ext2 linux file system under dos or win98.This program read the partition table of ur hard disk and print the informations about those.And can hide and revele the partitions by changing the systemid of that partions. Caution: Modification of the code may lead yourdisk unusable. The author is not responsible for any damage or dataloss. This program is tested under win98. compile it by Turbo c3 Any comment,feedback,query mail to */ #include<stdio.h> #include<bios.h> #include<dos.h> #include<stdlib.h> typedef unsigned char BYTE typedef unsigned int WORD typedef unsigned long DWORD enum BOOL {TRUE=0,FALSE=1} struct PARTITIONINFO { BYTE bootid BYTE beghead BYTE begsect BYTE begcyl BYTE systid BYTE endhead BYTE endsect BYTE endcyl DWORD relsect DWORD numsect } struct DISK_ADD_PACKET { BYTE recordsize
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Sheet1 Page 2 BYTE reserved WORD count DWORD transferadd DWORD lowbits DWORD highbits } struct MBR{ BYTE codes[446] struct PARTITIONINFO partition[4] WORD mbrid } struct driveinfo{ DWORD startsect BYTE sysid } WORD ExtentionCheck (BYTE drive) { union REGS regs regs.h.ah = 0x41 regs.x.bx = 0x55aa regs.h.dl = drive if(regs.x.bx != 0xaa55) return FALSE return TRUE
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partition hiding program - /* program to read the partition...

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