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Sheet1 Page 1 /* Screen Saveer Password Cracker: Decrypts Screen Saver Password which is stored in user.dat. */ #include<ctype.h> #include<stdio.h> #include<string.h> FILE *fp char *path="c:\windows\user.dat" /*encrypted password stored in this file when u log on to default user. . If there r multiple users. .Password stored in \windowsprofilesuser-nameuser.dat. .. */ unsigned long int search(char *s) char *encstr(unsigned long int loc) int toint(char a) void main()
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Unformatted text preview: { unsigned long int l char s[51] int arr={4,8,14,14,7,6,1,13,6,7,6,9,10,1,1,11,7,10,8,12,4,7, 15,8,5,4,9,5,9,7,5,15,7,8,13,9,13,10,6,12,5,9,13,7,6,11,3,5,12,5} //this array is 2 b xored with encrypted-string int s1[51],s2[51] int i,len,k clrscr() l=search("ScreenSave_Data") strcpy(s,encstr(l)) len=strlen(s) for(i=0 i<len i++) { s1[i]=toint(s[i]) s2[i]=(s1[i])^(arr[i]) } printf("Current Screen Saver Password:...
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