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582sy00s - EE 582 Power System Transients Spring Quarter...

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EE 582 Power System Transients Spring Quarter 2000 B.A. Mork TEXTS : Electrical Transients in Power Systems , A. Greenwood, 2nd. Ed., © 1991. Modeling and Analysis of System Transients , IEEE Publication TP-133-0, © 1999. REFERENCES : EMTP Theory Book , H.W. Dommell, 2nd, Ed., © 1992. Alternate Transients Program Rule Book , © 1987 (ongoing revisions). Selected Readings on Power Systems Transients , J.A. Martinez, © 1997. Power System Analysis and Design Computation of Power System Transients , J.P. Bickford, et.al., © 1980. Transient Performance of Electrical Power Systems , R. Rudenberg, © 1950. Transients in Power Systems , H.A. Peterson, © 1951. Traveling Waves on Transmission Systems , L.V. Bewley, © 1951. Technical papers handed out in class, and URLs given on course web page. READING Recommended reading assignments and URLs are given on the course web page. Please ASSIGNMENTS read through these before coming to the related lecture. HOMEWORK
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