PROJECT PROPOSAL FOR CSE 527 - include a Java Servlet that...

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PROJECT PROPOSAL FOR CSE 527 As part of the final project for our course Introduction to Computer Vision, I would like to  develop an Android based application that enables the user to run various Vision  algorithms. On a simple note, it allows a user with an Android phone to execute various vision  algorithms and quickly check out the results. How it works  This application would prompt the user to click a picture from the camera or choose  from the pictures in the SD card of the Android phone. Once a picture is selected, the  user is shown various options on the screen. These options are various algorithms that  we developed and implemented during our course as part of our assignments. The user  can select any one such option and that algorithm would be implemented by the  backend and the resulting picture displayed to the user.  The backend is the heart of the project and probably the hardest to develop. It would 
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Unformatted text preview: include a Java Servlet that catches the user’s request, implements the MATLAB algorithm and then finally sends the file back to the user and displays it. The above constitutes the first phase of the project and I am quite unclear about the time and effort it may require. However if time and effort permit, I would extend this Android application to run more complex vision algorithms such as Object Recognition. This should be quite fun as the application would then allow a user to click a picture of an unknown object, search its database at the end for various test images and then come back with a result informing the user what the object is. Further being even more ambitious, I would love to implement another classmate’s CSE527 project on Android!!...
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PROJECT PROPOSAL FOR CSE 527 - include a Java Servlet that...

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