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PROJECT PROPOSAL FOR CSE 527 - option and that algorithm...

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PROJECT PROPOSAL FOR CSE 527 As part of the final project for our course Introduction to Computer Vision, I would be developing an Android based application. This application allows an Android user to run various Vision algorithms that we implemented during our course on his Android phone. This application would prompt the user to click a picture from the camera or choose from the pictures in the SD card of the Android phone. Once a picture is selected, the user is shown various options on the screen. These options are various algorithms that we developed and implemented during our course as part of our assignments. The user can select any one such
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Unformatted text preview: option and that algorithm would be implemented by the backend and the resulting picture displayed to the user. The backend is the heart of the project and probably the hardest to develop. It would include a Java Servlet that catches the user’s request, implements the MATLAB algorithm and then finally sends the file back to the user and displays it. Once the backend is ready, as an extension to the project more complex vision algorithms can also be implemented. These may even be the projects of other class mates!!!...
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